Basic Pickleball Rules: you must know before playing it!

Have you an appetite to obtain knowledge about Pickleball rules? Pickleball is a paddle game invented in 1965 by three dads of some kids. Pickleball first started as a kid’s recreational game. It is a combination of three traditional sports: Tennis, Badminton, and Ping pong. It requires a Badminton size court, a modified tennis net, and a ping pong ball with lots of holes. The rules of Pickleball are straightforward to understand for beginners of any age. It can be played single or doubles but in the same Court. Rules are the same for single or double tournaments. The USAPA sets rules for Pickleball adequately for Court, players, positions, volleying, and serving methods. A player can serve the ball until they make a fault. Because of simple rules, Pickleball becomes popular in the Modern World.

Pickleball Rules:

In the Pickleball rules pdf by the USAPA, there are some rules for playing Pickleball, which is provided below:

1. Scoring:

Scoring is a vital part of Pickleball rules. Score measure by points only to serve the team. The opposing team can not make points. The total score of Pickleball is 11 points, and a team wins by 2 points. The serving team can score a point. In a tournament, the score is 15 to 21 points and wins by 2 points. The serving team always moves left to right after making a score. But the receiver team need not change the side. Until making a mistake, a player can create a rating from the serving team. When a player makes a fault in the second match, they shift to the opposing team. It signifies called side out.

2. The Serve:

Pickleball serving rules are essential for players. From the right side and beneath the waist, the server starts first. In the beginning, the scoreboard looks ‘0-0-start’. Without serving, you can not earn the score. A player can make paddle contact below the waist of them. You have to mix spin, velocity, and location for your serves. Otherwise, it seems very loyal to the opponent’s team. The backhand is a deep and firm serve for many players. Heavy spin serves, Sharp angle serves, nonstandard serves need practice for the Court. Serve is not a weapon in Pickleball. Short serve makes it easier to earn a point quickly. 

3. Service Sequence:

In a double match, rules for Pickleball are that both players have to serve until any faults happen. Switch your side after every score. You have to serve from the right-hand Court in the time of every side change. Pickleball singles rules are that players have to serve from the right side when the score becomes the even number, and when the score becomes an odd number, they have to serve from the left side. In a double match, if any players miss the service, his partner has to move and serve from the same team. Line calls are also crucial for Pickleball players. It makes a shot correctly, and the court line helps to maintain rules. When the ball crosses the line, it considers as out. It is a warning for players. This term is similar to baseball.

Pickleball Rules
Pickleball Serving Rules

4. Two bounce rule:

It is also called the Double bounce rule. Like the kitchen, two bounce rules is also a prominent rule for Pickleball. In the first serve, both sides players have to bounce the ball before serving. Players have to keep their feet behind the line of the Court. Later bounce is not required at double bounce returns. After that, they can hit the ball at the bouncing place or with a volley. Without two bounce rules, this game becomes dull and unauthorized. This bounce can eradicate the volley and serve rules benefit as long as possible. Most of the beginners often forget the rules of double bounce. Stand as far as possible to remember this rule. The baseline is a visual guide where you can stand. Two bounce rules make the game desirable.

5. Non-Volley Zone:

The Pickleball court divided into three parts. The middle section is an area of 7 feet behind on both sides of the net. It is called a non-volley zone. It is also called the kitchen of Pickleball games. Maybe the term ‘Kitchen’ comes from shuffleboard games. Surprisingly, though tennis is closer to Pickleball, tennis players have to move in the time of volleying. In Pickleball, a volley may occur out of the air when the server hits the ball. Avoiding crashes on the net; volleying is not allowed in non-volley zones. In the volleying time, to step in the non-volley zone or line means making a fault. Even the player’s dress can not touch the edges of the Court. When you are not volleying, you can remain as long as the kitchen. So keep away from the kitchen at the time of volleying.


A fault happens when players do not follow official pickleball rules. So both of the team must be aware of the following fault:

  • If any ball hit without bouncing on both sides.
  • In the receiving Court, a service should not land.
  • Volleying ball from the kitchen.
  • The receiver bounces the ball before stacking.
  • Any breaking of service rules.
  • Players’ clothing or other equipment can not reach anything in the Court.
  • Wrong team members served a returning serve.

Final Thought about Pickleball Rules:

Pickleball is a combined game from three other games, but it organized with rules by USAPA. Players have to hit the ball, evaluate pickleball serve rules, and do not touch the non-volley zone. Each team needs to bounce the ball before returning. Only one fault is allowed for the serving team. After making a fault, the team has to change the server. For all of these easy pickleball rules, Pickleball has gradually become a popular game in the USA, Canada, and other developed countries. So, maintain the Pickleball rules correctly and enjoy the game.

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